A Moment in Time

It was a warm July 4th, 2015. I headed to Lodi Lake for “people” pictures. I carried a 70-200mm lens to maintain as much distance and anonymity as possible. But big guys with big cameras are unavoidably conspicuous, so I usually pretend that I’m invisible.

Speaking of distance to subject, there may be times when you would give anything to be 50 yards closer or the proud owner of a $13,000 f/4 600mm Super Telephoto. Good news … modern digital cameras with quality lenses offer remarkable resolution. First, get the shot. You’ll be surprised how far you can push an enlargement, especially if you’re shooting RAW.

But I digress. This is one of my favorite people pictures. Unfortunately, I have no idea who they are. If you recognize the family let them know and I’ll gift them a copy.


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