About Keith

Lodi Event Photographer

“Photography Anecdotes” is a compilation of short stories based on selected photographs taken since 2012 in Lodi, CA and posted to KeithColganPhotography.com. They include practical advice and motivation for amateur photographers who would like to improve their skills and broaden the scope of their hobby.

A personal note: It’s a pleasure to share my experiences with a camera. Over the past 65 years I’ve used some of the classics like the Kodak Brownie, a Canon AE-1, Yashica Mat 124-G, Mamiya Sekor Press, and others. However, I take no credit as a genius shutterbug. Truth be known, most of my “lern’n” since the advent of digital cameras has come from YouTube and gifted local photographers.

Two examples come to mind. For several years I shadowed a 30-year veteran of the Lodi News-Sentinel, Mr. Jerry Tyson, who held several positions including Chief Photographer. He was a reluctant mentor with deadlines to meet, but he unknowingly taught me the importance of anticipation. During high school football games he was a master at positioning himself for the next play. I followed him up and down the field like a puppy because he knew where to stand to get the best shot.

Another big influence was Mr. Clifford Oto, one of the Stockton Record’s most experienced news photographers. He taught me practical strategies when covering an event and to always place a fair value on my work.