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Lodi Police Department … What Is Your Emergency?

I attended a meeting recently where a member of the public said they called the police twice to report a disturbance and no one showed up to handle the call. It sounded far-fetched and after a few follow-up questions we figured out it was another department, not LPD. That discussion led me to look into … Continue reading

Gang Reduction/Intervention Forum Video

The Lodi Improvement Committee hosted a presentation at the Carnegie Forum last evening by Lodi Chief of Police Mark Helms.  The Chief outlined his approach to combating the crime and violence associated with local gang activity.  An audio (only) and video recording of that gang reduction/intervention/prevention program, followed by questions and comments from the Committee, … Continue reading

Stolen Car Recovered by Lodi PD

Lodi Police Department Officers and Detectives scrambled at 5:00 this afternoon after a GPS-equipped vehicle had been reported stolen.  A Felony Hot Stop on S. Washington St., near the Boys and Girls Club, netted several suspects that were taken into custody.  See photo gallery.

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