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School Bus Ad-ition

School buses are being used throughout the nation to sell commercial products and services.  The Lodi Unified School District is considering such use as a source of revenue (Sentinel Article). …

Children with Learning Differences

Students with learning differences are faced with daily challenges.  The first and most obvious one is the ability to learn and keep up academically in the classroom.  And, of course, homework battles are at the top of the list for both students and parents.  But, all too often students with learning differences suffer at the … Continue reading

Lodi Unified School District Sued Again!

Somewhere near the intersection of arrogance and negligence lies Lodi Unified’s next lawsuit.  Currently, L.U.S.D. owns the dubious distinction of being named in over 40 lawsuits in San Joaquin County alone.  The question is why? Well some would say, it’s those damn lawyers, still others might blame people who seem to want something for nothing, … Continue reading

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