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Who’s Really Calling Us to Lower Our PG&E Bill?

For what seems like a very long time, PG&E customers have been receiving automated calls from companies promising to lower our utility bills. You know … the ones that wait a few seconds to respond to your “hello” and ignore your requests to stop calling. This week I contacted PG&E’s customer service department to find … Continue reading

The Joys of Photography

For better “and” worse, we live in an era of high technology … a distinction of fleeting permanence if Moore’s Law has anything to say about it.  As a result, advances in camera technology have revolutionized man’s ability to record and propagate images, a consequential nuisance to law enforcement and delight to new parents. Any, … Continue reading

Law Enforcement & Active Shooters

Cleveland Elementary School…Columbine High School… Virginia Tech University…Tucson, Arizona…Utoya, Norway…Fort Hood, Texas… Aurora, Colorado…Sandy Hook Elementary School. Too many places, too many times, too many victims. The list of mass shootings continues to grow. The unspeakable violence is becoming too common. The Lodi Police Department has been training to deal with an “active shooter” since … Continue reading

The Effects of Stress on Learning

I recently reunited with an old friend. She is a massage therapist and has been certified in a new therapy called cranial release technique. Since I have been in chronic pain for years, I had her perform this technique on me twice.  I was amazed at the results.  My pain is diminished, I am sleeping … Continue reading

Purchasing a “Distressed” Property

Short sale, foreclosure, REO: these are some of the most-heard words in today’s real estate market. Along with those terms, you’ve probably read plenty of articles exhorting you to take advantage of today’s market and to buy now. Depending on a few factors, this really could be the perfect time for you to pick up … Continue reading

Summer Reading Fun & Tips

Kids can’t wait for summer to arrive.  Sleeping in, watching television, and playing with friends top their list of things to do.  But if you have a child who has been struggling in school, reading is probably not top on the list. Parents often ask me if they should have their child read during the … Continue reading

The Effects of Stress on Learning

I recently reunited with an old friend. She is a massage therapist and has been certified in a new therapy called cranial release technique. Since I have been in chronic pain for years, I had her perform this technique on me twice. I was amazed at the results. My pain is diminished, I am sleeping … Continue reading

Community Oriented Policing

By Lieutenant Chris Piombo Lodi Police Department The most common law enforcement theory over the last 30 years has been the community oriented policing model.  This model is designed to create partnerships between the police and the community to effectively combat crime and solve public safety issues.  Some examples include neighborhood watch groups, police volunteer … Continue reading

The Effects of Stress on Learning

I recently reunited with an old friend. She is a massage therapist and has been certified in a new therapy called cranial release technique. Since I have been in chronic pain for years, I had her perform this technique on me twice. I was amazed at the results.  My pain is diminished, I am sleeping … Continue reading

New Laws for 2012

By Lodi Police Detective Eric Bradley New laws normally come in to effect every January and this year is no different. I will get right down to probably the most controversial law change this year, the “Open Carry” law. In California prior to 2012 it was legal for someone who could lawfully own a firearm … Continue reading

Traffic Signs

by Lieutenant Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department Traffic signs. We barely notice them as they quietly seek to influence our driving conduct. They’re shaped like triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, or diamonds. Sort of like those weird marshmallow things in Frosted Lucky Charms. There are some misconceptions out there about the traffic signs in town. … Continue reading

Theft-Related Crimes

by Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department My wife went to her exercise class last Monday but found the gym was closed for the day as they repaired the damage from a burglary during the night. An hour later she tried to take our van to the mechanic but found he was not going … Continue reading

The Brain-Body Connection

by Lisa Harp – Harp Institute Do you ever wonder if your child is using his/her brain?  Does it ever seem like the brain and the body of your child are two separate beings?  Do you sometimes sense a disconnect with your child? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your child’s brain … Continue reading

Protect Yourself Against Car Burglars

by Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department I realize the subject of auto burglaries probably doesn’t do much for you as you hunch over your bowl of bran flakes or stack of flapjacks, or both, depending on your age and cholesterol level. But for those of us who have been a victim of this … Continue reading

Auditory Processing Problems – Part 2

Have you ever wondered if your child is hearing properly?  Have you marveled that your child can vividly remember details from a movie or past event, but when you give a simple direction it is forgotten almost immediately? If you tell your child to go upstairs, get his tennis shoes, and bring down his dirty … Continue reading

How Auditory Processing Affects Learning

Are you starting to think about the upcoming school year?  Are you busy shopping for school clothes and supplies, wondering who your child’s teacher will be?  And hoping that this year will be better than last for your child? I just registered both of my daughters for high school.  I can’t believe that Natalie is … Continue reading

Back to School Safety

School is back in session.  The streets are a little busier as parents try and get Junior off to school on time.  I realize that those who read this article are probably safety conscious and strive to obey the law.  I applaud your efforts, and hope to provide a refresher to keep you and our … Continue reading

Avoid Being Victim to a Phone Scam

by the Lodi Police Department Telephone scams have become increasingly poplar by scam artists that like to prey on people and their good nature.  There are many types of phone scams, but most all will have one thing in common, which is money. One such common example of a phone scam is to receive a … Continue reading

A Visual Summer!

Summer is the best time to do something to help your child if there is a learning issue, especially if there are some visual processing problems.  During the school year the student comes home from school exhausted, with strained eyes and a fatigued mind.  Are you giving your child a break, letting him/her rest for … Continue reading

Exercises for the Brain & Eyes

As the school year is coming to a close, so many parents want to know what to do with their child for the summer.  Should you have your child read books?  How about school work?  It seems only logical that if your child is behind academically that you should have the child brush up on … Continue reading

When the World is “Tilted”

Can you imagine seeing the world as if it were tilted?  Perhaps upside down?  How about spinning constantly? So many children (and adults) view the world this way.  And the sadness of it is that they know nothing different, because they were born this way.

Rydel’s Healthy Home – Advice!

I’m always asked, what is new in vacuum cleaners?  The latest technology to come out in the last couple of years includes vacuums that have “lifetime belts”.  I think this is great because most people don’t change their belts often enough … and that means less performance from their vacuum. Most vacuums have belts that … Continue reading

The Costs of Distracted Driving

Lodi Police Department Joins Effort to Crack Down on Cell Phone Use and Texting Texting and Driving Will Cost You: First Ticket Minimum $159 How often do you see drivers texting or talking with hand-held cell phones and wish they would be stopped and cited?  As part of California’s first Distracted Driving Awareness Month in … Continue reading

7 Ways to Help Your Child Learn

Millions of students are diagnosed with learning differences of some sort.  Millions more go undiagnosed.  Either way, a student who learns differently than others has a difficult road to navigate and parents seem to have an even more difficult road.

“Painfull Learners”

It is so disheartening to find out that your child isn’t performing well academically. So many thoughts can race through your mind.  You wonder if you did something wrong.  You might even wonder if your child is intelligent. But, most of the kids who have learning differences are truly bright and intelligent.  They are just … Continue reading

All American Barber Shop

You’ve likely heard that you can wash your hair too much.  It’s true.  Retain the natural oils by shampooing less often.  Every other day is enough for most people. Be aware of shampoo burnout.  Change your shampoo and conditioner every two months.  Your hair will respond better to the treatments. Finally, if you color your … Continue reading

Children with Learning Differences

Students with learning differences are faced with daily challenges.  The first and most obvious one is the ability to learn and keep up academically in the classroom.  And, of course, homework battles are at the top of the list for both students and parents.  But, all too often students with learning differences suffer at the … Continue reading

Dyslexia – The Double Edged Sword

Dyslexia is a silent learning difference.  Kids with dyslexia are bright and articulate, but they often struggle with academics and basic life skills.  Teachers know these kids are bright and expect a lot from them.  But they are often accused of being lazy, when, in fact they are working at capacity.

Improving Your Child’s Memory

My daughter has always struggled in school.  She is in the fourth grade now and it seems to be getting worse.  Her teacher says that she knows the information one day but when it is presented again it’s as if it is totally new information.  Is there any hope for her?    Janice T. – Acampo

Writing With Dysgraphia

When thinking about dysgraphia, people usually don’t think of it as a learning disability. Writing is just difficult for my child. Or, my child has poor handwriting, but so do doctors. Yet, dysgraphia is real and the sooner that we consider it a learning problem and deal with it as such, the sooner we can … Continue reading

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