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Lodi Cops Exchange Cash For Guns

Hunting rifles, sawed-off shotguns, pistols, derringers, antique war relics, A-K 47’s, TEK-9’s and the infamous Street Sweeper were among the guns that made their way out of closets and from under beds this morning into the welcoming hands of Lodi Police Department personnel.  Money from a California Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention grant left smiles … Continue reading

Combating Auto Theft With Free Give-away

LPD Sgt. Sierra Brucia (209) 329-3481 As part of our efforts to combat increases in crime in our community the Lodi Police Department is participating in a Combat Auto Theft Program to address a recent rise in reported auto thefts. The Lodi Police Department had 349 vehicles reported stolen during 2012.  During the first quarter … Continue reading

Lodi Police Department … What Is Your Emergency?

I attended a meeting recently where a member of the public said they called the police twice to report a disturbance and no one showed up to handle the call. It sounded far-fetched and after a few follow-up questions we figured out it was another department, not LPD. That discussion led me to look into … Continue reading

Law Enforcement & Active Shooters

Cleveland Elementary School…Columbine High School… Virginia Tech University…Tucson, Arizona…Utoya, Norway…Fort Hood, Texas… Aurora, Colorado…Sandy Hook Elementary School. Too many places, too many times, too many victims. The list of mass shootings continues to grow. The unspeakable violence is becoming too common. The Lodi Police Department has been training to deal with an “active shooter” since … Continue reading

DUI / Drivers License Checkpoint

What makes for a successful DUI Checkpoint?  According to Lt. Chris Jacobson, the perfect checkpoint nets zero impaired drivers, zero tows, and zero injuries.  By those standards, last night’s checkpoint on Cherokee Lane near Poplar St. was a success. Sgt. David Griffin directed the operation and made sure all present knew their responsibilities and performed … Continue reading

Multi-Agency Enforcement Operations

by Lieutenant Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department We’ve seen the stories on the evening news. It starts out with the anchor explaining that several law enforcement agencies took part in a day long, week long, months long operation where certain segments of the criminal society were targeted. The newscaster is explaining what happened while … Continue reading

Operation Safe Summer

Late today approximately 90 Officers in teams of 10 each from various law enforcements agencies (Lodi, Galt, and Stockton Police, San Joaquin County Sheriff, Probation, along with state Parole and CDCR conducted searches of 220 residences belonging to subjects on parole/probation or having outstanding warrants. Those found in violation were arrested. According to Corporal Dale … Continue reading

Peace Officer Memorial Week

by Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department George R. Turner, S.P.D. 1854…Henry R. Baker, S.P.D. 1894…Benjamin Ingram, T.P.D. 1915…Frank Blondin, T.P.D. 1915… The eighteen names are reverently etched in gold on the tall dark piece of stone, a memorial that stands quietly just outside the front door of the Stockton Police Department. The names … Continue reading

“There Goes a Police Car”

by Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department Our kids used to love watching the “There Goes a Police Car” VHS tape when they were little. Yes,VHS. The video was part of a series where “Dave” and “Becky” showed youngsters the ins and outs of a particular vehicle like a plane or train. I see … Continue reading

Community Oriented Policing

By Lieutenant Chris Piombo Lodi Police Department The most common law enforcement theory over the last 30 years has been the community oriented policing model.  This model is designed to create partnerships between the police and the community to effectively combat crime and solve public safety issues.  Some examples include neighborhood watch groups, police volunteer … Continue reading

New Laws for 2012

By Lodi Police Detective Eric Bradley New laws normally come in to effect every January and this year is no different. I will get right down to probably the most controversial law change this year, the “Open Carry” law. In California prior to 2012 it was legal for someone who could lawfully own a firearm … Continue reading

The “Other” Lodi Police Departments

It’s a little known fact but there are five municipalities named Lodi in the United States. There is the village of Lodi, population 326, by the town of Lodi in upstate New York near the Finger Lakes. The area features wineries, the Hotel Lodi, and Lodi Point state park. They even have a Lodi Fire … Continue reading

Traffic Signs

by Lieutenant Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department Traffic signs. We barely notice them as they quietly seek to influence our driving conduct. They’re shaped like triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, or diamonds. Sort of like those weird marshmallow things in Frosted Lucky Charms. There are some misconceptions out there about the traffic signs in town. … Continue reading

Urban Shield Training Competition

by Sergeant Sierra Brucia – Lodi Police Department The Lodi Police Department is constantly looking for ways to obtain additional training for its officers.  In these tough economic times it is not as easy to find this type of training as it used to be.  Fortunately for our department we were selected to participate in … Continue reading

Police Stories – Lodi Style

By Detective Eric Bradley – Lodi Police Department As police officers, we handle dozens of situations each day.  Most are “routine” but we occasionally find ourselves in humorous circumstances, often at our own expense.  I sat down with veteran officers Lieutenant Fernando Martinez and Corporal Roger Butterfield to have them provide me with a story … Continue reading

Theft-Related Crimes

by Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department My wife went to her exercise class last Monday but found the gym was closed for the day as they repaired the damage from a burglary during the night. An hour later she tried to take our van to the mechanic but found he was not going … Continue reading

Anatomy of a DUI Checkpoint

by Keith Colgan – Editor of LODI360 Extending well past my bed time with temperatures dipping into the low 40’s, last night I experienced what it was like to attend a DUI Checkpoint in Lodi. These are my observations. First, the logistics were extreme. Sgt. Chris Jacobson’s first concern was safety for both his people … Continue reading

Lodi PD Joins the Social Media Age

by Sierra Brucia – Lodi PD When the captain asked if I would be interested in taking over our Facebook page, excitement wasn’t my first emotion. I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t tweet, and I can barely answer my emails.  So I did what anybody else would do in my position.  I told … Continue reading

Pilfered Poultry

“Behind the Badge” by Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department The story you’re about to read is true. Nothing has been changed to protect the innocent. Doug Chinn and I were on downtown bicycle patrol right before Christmas many years ago when a dispatcher exclaimed over the radio, “Theft of frozen turkeys just occurred … Continue reading

Combating Gang Crime – Part 2

“Behind the Badge” Lodi Police Step It Up and Take a Fresh Look by Mark Helms – Chief of Police Lodi is an amazing city where residents enjoy an outstanding quality of life.  We all want to keep it that way. In Part 1, I explained why suppressing gangs is important for the entire community, … Continue reading

Combating Gang Crime – Part 1

Lodi Police Step It Up and Take a Fresh Look by Mark Helms – Chief of Police Time flies.  More than three months have passed since I became Lodi’s Police Chief, leaving the Stockton Police Department after 26 years.  As I prepared for my first day of work, I paid close attention to several issues … Continue reading

Protect Yourself Against Car Burglars

by Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department I realize the subject of auto burglaries probably doesn’t do much for you as you hunch over your bowl of bran flakes or stack of flapjacks, or both, depending on your age and cholesterol level. But for those of us who have been a victim of this … Continue reading

Asset Forfeiture – The Whole Story

by Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department There seems to be numerous misunderstandings and urban legends regarding law enforcement’s use of our state and federal asset forfeiture laws.  Asset forfeiture laws were designed to attack drug dealers financially.  The intent was that drug dealers should not be allowed to keep monies made while selling … Continue reading

Defrosting THE THING

by Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department Like the Steelers defense makes adjustments at halftime to counter the Raiders anemic offensive strategy, California law enforcement agencies are constantly modifying their tactics to deal with changes in the legal landscape. These changes, lurking about like the defrosted alien in the soon to be released remake … Continue reading

Mental Health and Law Enforcement

by Officer Jim Pendergast – Lodi Police Department When I began my career in law enforcement over fifteen years ago, I worked as a police officer for the Stockton State Hospital which was located on California Street in downtown Stockton. It was during that time that many changes were occurring within the State of California … Continue reading

Animal Control – The Old Way

by Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi PD Back in the old days, police officers had to deal with animal calls after hours when the shelter was closed. We didn’t receive any formal training on how to deal with animals so we pretty much had to rely on our extensive experience raising puppies and hamsters when … Continue reading

September 11 – Ten Years Later

By Lt. Chris Piombo – Lodi Police Department I was sleeping when my wife walked into the room and touched me on the shoulder. I’d worked swing shift the night before so I was out like a light. She whispered, “Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center.” I was in that half-awake, half-asleep fog. … Continue reading

O’Keefe Canine Competition

The 8th Annual Art O’Keefe Memorial Police Canine Competition … hosted by the Lodi Police Department at Tony Zupo Field on Saturday, September 10, 2011. … [youtube.com/watch?v=BRO1gR_eZIs&rel=0] …

DUI Enforcement – How Expensive is It?

“No matter how hard I worked, I didn’t get the one that mattered most to me personally.” It was a dark Spring night about 8 years ago and I was driving my patrol car down Sacramento St. towards Turner.  I had a young citizen rider with me that night and I was in the middle … Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness

Over the years members of the Lodi Police Department often write articles to enlighten and educate the public about new and/or upcoming laws, police procedures, and personal experiences from a police officer’s perspective. However, I think one important topic has been unintentionally overlooked.  That topic is the acts of kindness displayed by the citizens of … Continue reading

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