Spur of the Moment

It was April 8th, 2020. After weeks of COVID-19 isolation I needed a change of scenery. Photography is a great therapeutic distraction and I desperately needed one.

My mission was to find others with face masks practicing their form of therapeutic distraction. I picked Lodi Lake and found an array of fishermen, students, bicyclists and walkers.

This walker was traversing the stone wall leading to the wilderness area. We spotted each other about the same time. She gestured with a victory sign as I raised the 200mm. I never saw her face, but I kinda think she’s really cute and it’s one of my favorite “lift and shoot” shots.

If there’s a lesson here … stay alert. You never know when a pretty girl 60 years your junior will wave at you.


One thought on “Spur of the Moment

  1. Aw, enjoyed looking at Lodi Lake and the wilderness area. Can hardly wait to walk it again someday. Bud thinks pic #5 looks like Jason Cato. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Give Diana a hug for me.

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