Equestrian Discovery

Back in May of 2018 I read there would be a Driving Derby at the Sargent Equestrian Center. Cool! But what’s a driving derby and where is the equestrian center.

Driving Derby with Small Horse

Turns out the facility is a gorgeous estate east of Lodi that hosts a type of race featuring obstacles, fearless humans, water hazards, split-second turns and fast horses pulling small wagons. Or is it small horses pulling small wagons?

Add to that a late afternoon sun and you have the makings for some great pictures. Lighting conditions changed throughout the warm afternoon, but I used a 70-200mm lens with a 2.8 aperture (to blur the background), a 1/2000 shutter (stop action) and a 200 ISO (good color) for most shots.

The owners of the facility were very welcoming. The event was geared towards the participants and there was no admission fee. The grounds were secured by a locked gate, so I’d recommend calling first.


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