Sacramento Zoo

Zoo Reptile

In April of 2019 I contacted the Sacramento Zoo and asked if I could exchange a set of professional photographs for a day pass. They agreed. My wife and I lived in San Diego for a few years back in the late sixties and were members of the Zoological Society. I identified with the great apes and visited them often.

(By the way, don’t say zoo + o + logical to a zo+ologist.
There aren’t enough o’s).

Regardless, it’s a very nice zo (I mean zoo). It’s relatively small and great for young ones. There’s a live demonstration every few hours when children are offered the opportunity to handle some of the animals.

The featured photo above is some sort of raptor with very large talons (Napoleon Dynamite). They let him/her (I didn’t get the pronoun) fly into the audience and return to its mouse parts. Just as it dove for my throat I snapped this picture. With a little post processing to eliminate a distracting background, it makes a nice photo reminder.


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