Get Low!

Hale Park, June 30, 2018. The yearly “Taco Truck Cook-Off” is in full swing. Yes, I did get pictures of the event’s mobile namesakes, but other activities kept me distracted from the food long enough to survey the crowd for good pictures.

Can you ask for more? Pretty girls in feathered costumes with blazing colors moving in unorthodox ways to happy music. Now the hard part. I remembered the photographer’s cardinal rule, axiom, canonized command to “get low”. It was easy 40 years ago when I could bench 300 pounds, chase my kids and clean my own gutters.

Girl painting pictures

Today, getting “low” means to sit on a chair with hand rails. If I do go to ground, it’s either because I tripped or made prior arrangements for someone to pull me up.

By the way, this is another photo from that day’s event I had to include.


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