Who’s Really Calling Us to Lower Our PG&E Bill?

Nuisance CallsFor what seems like a very long time, PG&E customers have been receiving automated calls from companies promising to lower our utility bills. You know … the ones that wait a few seconds to respond to your “hello” and ignore your requests to stop calling.

This week I contacted PG&E’s customer service department to find out if they knew who was behind the nuisance calls and if they could do anything to put a stop to the harassment.  To my surprise, they admitted responsibility for the campaign.

According to their representative, PG&E is in contract with a company headquartered in Fresno, CA called Richard Heath & Associates. Known also as “RHA”, this company promotes itself on its website as follows:


“RHA advances behavioral change and technology adoption in the mass market to make sustainable solutions more effective. We design great customer experiences, ensure the quality of subcontractor work and deploy an extensive place-based network to raise the value of our clients in the minds of their customers.”

Teresa Enos, Vice President of Program Operations, is quoted as saying she “firmly believes that the most cost effective approach is to bring top-notch service and products to customers from start to finish, because happy customers make happy clients.”

They claim to “Deploy a network of trusted messengers to penetrate hard-to-reach communities” and “Increase customer participation and loyalty to create widespread adoption of measures and programs”.


To deliver this “widespread adoption of measures and programs”, RHA, with PG&E’s approval, contracts with 50 subcontractors throughout the state.  Four of these subcontractors (American Insulation Inc in Turlock, Highlands Energy Services in Modesto, Masco Contractor Services in Ceres, and Sundowner Insulation in Clovis) are authorized to receive referrals from RHA to serve PG&E customers in Lodi.

Now, if you feel this persistent promotion “raises the value” of PG&E in your mind and you agree with Ms. Enos that it has made you a “happy customer”, then go for it.  If, on-the-other-hand, you want the calls to stop, PG&E’s representative kindly offered to put me on their special “do not call” list for this campaign.   I feel so smart … so liberated … free at last! … quiet prevails … anxiety begone!

Ring .. Ring .. Ring

PG&E Customer Service: 1-800-743-5000

By Keith Colgan – Editor


About LODI360 Editor

Keith Colgan is the Editor of and owner of Keith Colgan Photography


One thought on “Who’s Really Calling Us to Lower Our PG&E Bill?

  1. Just letting you know it took me 45 minutes to get this resolved. However Lynn in the dept that handles the smarter energy line has read your article and is familiar with your website

    Posted by D | October 17, 2014, 10:01 am

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