“Game of Arms”

There was a TV reality show on the AMC channel back in 2014 called “Game of Arms”. It profiled competition arm wrestlers throughout the country. When I read that someone in Stockton was hosting an arm wrestling tournament I put it on my “to do” list.

If you follow the sport, you’ll notice several of the top competitors like Tom Nelson, who officiated and ended the day by hammering a few of the big boys. The inaugural Stockton Arm Wrestling Tournament was well attended and everyone was well behaved. I learned that really big guys are really intimidating … and much smaller, unassuming guys are able to beat them. Goes for the gals too.

Photography, like other creative hobbies, is influenced by personal interests. So while one person loves taking pictures of beautiful landscapes, another prefers animals or sunsets. Some of us have ecclectic interests and drawn to the unusual. Arm wrestling certainly qualifies. This may end up being the only such event I ever attend, but it gave me a new experience and something to talk about the next time an intimidating, heavily tatooed giant says hello to me.


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