Kofu, Japan: “SNOW Again?”

by Tatsumi Akita in Kofu, Japan

Kofu (Lodi’s Sister City) was the top topic on the nationwide TV program on February 14th and 15th  because of SNOW!  The snow started falling in the morning on the 14th and, at 8am on February 15th, it reached 44 inches!  This is the deepest record after Kofu started keeping record in 1894.  It is more than twice of the previous record.

Chuo Express Way and many local roads in Yamanashi (Kofu is the capital city of Yamanashi Prefecture) are closed because of the snow.  Train services are very limited, no special express trains.  Elementary schools and junior high schools in Kofu closed right after the lunch time to let students go home before it got worse on 14th.  The teachers lead them to the areas near their home on foot.  Some schools ordered even teachers to leave schools right after the students.  Because the traffic is seriously damaged, the food supply is getting lack and higher prices.  If you go to glossary stores, you get no food but snacks.  Several garages are crushed down on the cars because of the weight of snow.  On 16th, JR trains will not run at all.

Kofu people say, “This is more than enough!”

Road in Kofu 2Road in Kofu 3DSC_0188

Kofu girl in snowRoad in Kofu

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2 thoughts on “Kofu, Japan: “SNOW Again?”

  1. This was double the amount of snow that fell in Jan of 2001 and that was amazing to go through…I can only imagine this snowfall! Good luck and you are in my prayers.

    Posted by John T Pierce | February 17, 2014, 11:29 pm
    • Thank you for your “warm” message! About 24 hours ago, we got back the traffic connections with cities around here. Now we are getting “fresh” food at stores! Usually Kofu gets mails and packages from Tokyo through the Chuo Express Way. But we had not gotten them for three days. Last night, they were shipped finally. So, the main post office is an chaos situation!

      Posted by Tatsumi (Kofu) | February 19, 2014, 6:09 am

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