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Tom Hoffman Honored – Photo Gallery

Visit Lodi hosted a Tourism Luncheon on Tuesday at Wine & Roses.  Ken Nieland received recognition as Tourism Advocate of the Year.  Tom and Carmela Hoffman, owners of Heritage Oak Winery, received honors as “Winery of the Year”.  Nancy Beckman, President and CEO of Visit Lodi, oversaw the very classy event, providing insights into her efforts to promote Lodi.  Click here or on any photo below to view and purchase photos of the event.


R-IMG_8905 R-IMG_8994


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One thought on “Tom Hoffman Honored – Photo Gallery

  1. Isn’t Visit Lodi a branch of the city of Lodi? It’s nice to see all the city dignitaries and good old boys in attendance during business hours and the wine flowing freely. With Ms. Beckman just paying $76,000 to a consultant to come up with some ideas that she should have been able to figure out herself, how could they afford a lavish meal and awards program at Wine & Roses when they have the beautiful facilities at Hutchins Street Square and showing three quarters of a million dollars in the red? And after just spending another million dollars plus to widen a couple of blocks in front to merely create a few more parking spaces and nothing more. Since most of the wineries have tasting rooms downtown it should be appropriate to move the wine center downtown from the Wine & Roses property, at which I’m sure they are paying an absurd amount of rent/lease fees to be located there. Since this little town and its council and management team are always crying broke, it seems to me that if they cared about all of the residents, they would be using their own fine facilities rather than pandering to the same stale group of good old boys and girls who require constant handouts and gimmes to seem to be able to survive without those handouts.

    Posted by Doug Chaney | May 10, 2013, 11:56 am

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