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Volunteers Honored at Lodi Health

Featured-IMG_8224On Sat., Apr. 27, Lodi Health honored 46 volunteers at its volunteer appreciation luncheon.  The annual event was held in Lodi Health’s new Vineyard Café.

Volunteers honored for milestone hours of service include: Janice McGill, 9,000 hours; Lester Sweet, 3,000 hours; Anna Hampton and Kimie Kawata, 2,000 hours; Donna Billups, Helen Laam and Dorothy Smith, 1,500 hours; Janet Adams, Lenore Donato and Patricia Pischalnikoff, 1,000 hours; Carol Claypool, Karla Franck and LaVerne Walth, 700 hours; MaryBeth Baker, MaryAnn Bristow and Gail Burcell, 500 hours; Anne Cotton, Stephanie Hessler, Denise Keener, Cynthia Lindsey, Betty Nunes and Peggy Schoch, 300 hours; Ida Abdul Bawab, Ashley Bedi, Carol Bowen, Lana Churchill, Renee Downing, Craig Downing, Thomas J Driscoll Jr., Janet Gonzalez, Monica Guerrero Lara, Kathy Hill, Barbara Johnson, Dorothy MacGreggor, Ailene McGill, Duwain Miller, Amanda Monyko, Lee Mulford, Rochelle Perry, Tia Phimmasone, Christine Pinaglia and junior volunteers Grace Marsh, Jaskarnjit Sidhu, Ramen Singh and Ariel Wilkinson, 100 hours.

Recent retiree Esther Bartholomew was also honored for her nearly 27 years of volunteer service. She was a valued contributor as a clerical aide in a variety of hospital departments.

Lodi Health has two volunteer programs for those who wish to volunteer, an adult program for those over 18 and a junior volunteer program for high school students 16 years or older who are interested in volunteering.

In 2012, 209 volunteers donated 15,826 hours of their time. Volunteers work in various locations including the gift shop, courtesy desk, finance department, business office, human resources, Adult Day Care, Walter E Reiss Outreach Clinic and medical library. They also work as escorts, patient advocates and surgery liaisons.

For more information about volunteering at Lodi Health, visit

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