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Lodi Cops Exchange Cash For Guns

Hunting rifles, sawed-off shotguns, pistols, derringers, antique war relics, A-K 47’s, TEK-9’s and the infamous Street Sweeper were among the guns that made their way out of closets and from under beds this morning into the welcoming hands of Lodi Police Department personnel.  Money from a California Gang Reduction, Intervention and Prevention grant left smiles on the faces of all who made the effort to dispose of their unwanted guns.

Click on any photo to see the full gallery of 51 photo’s.

S-IMG_8054 S-IMG_8115 S-IMG_8132

Click on any photo to see the full gallery of 51 photo’s.


3 thoughts on “Lodi Cops Exchange Cash For Guns

  1. Look at all those dumb yuppies turning in perfectly legal machines for peanuts. Reminds me of the old woman in So. Cal who turned in a $30,000 gun for a $100 gift card to a grocery store! That sort of rip-off should be illegal and it’s being perpetrated by the government no less! And look at those pics of the street sweeper shot gun and how all those cops went over there to put their hands on it … they love it damn thing that’s why they went over to play with it (I’m sure it was ‘official’ though LOL). What a bunch of hypocrites. God Bless the guys on the street trying to prevent this tragedy by trying to buy the guns at fair market value. And you know what the real shame is NOT A SINGLE DAMN CRIME WAS PREVENTED BY THIS OVER-REACHING PUBLIC RELATIONS BS CHARADE!

    Posted by RC | December 8, 2013, 3:36 pm
  2. Nothing there that any self respecting gangbanger would be caught with, except maybe the street sweeper shotgun, what a waste of resources.

    Posted by Anonymous | April 25, 2013, 3:49 pm
  3. Waste of police time and money.
    (Retired cop with 35 years on. )

    Posted by Anonymous | April 24, 2013, 10:13 pm

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