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DUI / Drivers License Checkpoint

What makes for a successful DUI Checkpoint?  According to Lt. Chris Jacobson, the perfect checkpoint nets zero impaired drivers, zero tows, and zero injuries.  By those standards, last night’s checkpoint on Cherokee Lane near Poplar St. was a success.

Sgt. David Griffin directed the operation and made sure all present knew their responsibilities and performed their duties in a safe, responsible way.

In addition to a full complement of Police Cadets and “Partner” Volunteers, MADD Volunteers (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers), handed out educational materials to the hundreds of drivers that passed through the fast moving checkpoint.

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Photography by Keith Colgan   Tel: 209-329-4158



3 thoughts on “DUI / Drivers License Checkpoint

  1. I am happy to see the outcome of the DUI checkpoint. But I feel checkpoints need to be conducted on areas where DUI offenders are problematic just not the east area of Lodi. You have so many people driving intoxicated leaving all the high end restaurants and bars.

    Posted by Anonymous | August 6, 2012, 8:32 pm
    • The high end restaurants and bars are where the well-heeled like to hang out at. The always ongoing wine “tasting” events seem to be always avoided, or when on occasion using that particular evening, stage the checkpoints in a remote area and odd choices of traffic flow. There remains many unanswered questions like who gets to be one of the chosen few who get the tow and impound “contracts”, or whatever they refer to them as, how much they pay to participate and how much “rental” is paid to the property owner the checkpoint is staged at? I notice that Geweke’s abandoned car lot properties on Cherokee Lane is used a lot? And why so many people and vehicles for a simple checkpoint? With no arrests at the checkpoint itself this time and the arrests for dui/impaired coming from outside the checkpoint via saturation patrol, why aren’t these checkpoints abandoned for high volume saturation patrols, especially in the downtown and Turner Road area? And why isn’t there any public information on LPD website for the statistics of each dui/license checkpoint with names, ages and violation listed? I don’t even recall seeing any dui arrests listed on the regular LPD website or listed in the crime log in the Sentinel that occurred during these checkpoints. Is there somewhere that these statistics can be found as public information? It just seems to me that these checkpoints are generating revenues, some pretty pricey, to the tow owners and the impound yards mostly for minor misdemeanor traffic violations and far away from the removal of dui, drugged or impaired from the roadways. Saturation patrols should be the system of choice if LPD and COL are really trying to remove impaired drivers from the road. There would be no distractions concentrating on who does or does not have a drivers license and get down to the real business of deterring getting high and driving a vehicle.

      Posted by Doug Chaney | August 7, 2012, 4:27 pm
  2. This was the second article LODI360 published regarding DUI / Drivers License checkpoints in Lodi. Both articles have generated comments from readers that are critical of DUI Checkpoints, in general, and how the Lodi PD implements them. Some of their observations have merit and would make excellent discussion topics. However, it is difficult for many to comment without high emotion, personal attacks and unfounded accusations.

    Therefore, instead of publishing these comments, we have forwarded them unedited to the Lodi PD for consideration. This will give local law enforcement the benefit of your feedback and serve to encourage change where it is needed. If a representative of the Lodi PD wants to address these issues in a future article, we will publish it. In return, anyone may use this platform to express their point of view if it is written kindly and with a measure of respect.

    Posted by LODI360 Editor | August 6, 2012, 1:28 pm

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