Operation Safe Summer

Late today approximately 90 Officers in teams of 10 each from various law enforcements agencies (Lodi, Galt, and Stockton Police, San Joaquin County Sheriff, Probation, along with state Parole and CDCR conducted searches of 220 residences belonging to subjects on parole/probation or having outstanding warrants. Those found in violation were arrested. According to Corporal Dale Eubanks, such “Spring” sweeps have proven to be an effective means of reducing criminal activity during the Summer months … so the name “Operation Safe Summer”.     READ PRESS RELEASE

Photography by Keith Colgan – 209-329-4158


One thought on “Operation Safe Summer

  1. Great job LPD! Now if you’d only set up your DUI/License checkpoints on the nights like Zinfest and the many wine drinking events that occur in Lodi nearly all year long, and in the right areas and the correct flow of traffic on those nights, instead of the same old out of the way sites and poor choice of traffic flow, those who insist on imbibing too much at these events on a regular basis that continue to drive impaired who get away each wine or alcohol drinking event will be taken off the road before they kill someone. In my opinion, the choices where and when these DUI/License checkpoints are set up merely looks like the poor minority residents of Lodi are targeted for license/insurance misdemeanor citations to line the pockets of those lucky tow companies that are on the “preferred” roster of the city of Lodi and LPD, rather than LPD staging in the areas where they would actually possibly have to arrest one of the good old boys or Lodi area dignitaries and have to suffer the repercussions of arresting an elite for such a simple crime of dui/impaired driving.

    Posted by Doug Chaney | May 20, 2012, 12:33 pm

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