Stolen Car Recovered by Lodi PD

Lodi Police Department Officers and Detectives scrambled at 5:00 this afternoon after a GPS-equipped vehicle had been reported stolen.  A Felony Hot Stop on S. Washington St., near the Boys and Girls Club, netted several suspects that were taken into custody.  See photo gallery.

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5 thoughts on “Stolen Car Recovered by Lodi PD

  1. Stockton has lost the battle. We’ve gotta support and back Lodi Police to ensure our safety in our town. Thank you Lodi P.D. for your professionalism in the work you do.

    Posted by Rick Fickess | July 23, 2011, 10:36 pm
  2. This article illustrates the real perils of our police officers and the risk they take every day to protect and serve us. It’s time the local newspaper depicts them in a different manner that doesn’t show the real risk of being a police officer in Lodi, or anywhere, for that matter.

    Posted by Doug Chaney | July 21, 2011, 9:31 am
  3. Great pictures and informative article keeping public awareness on the real time crime in Lodi rather than the humiliating police log humor in the Lodi News-Sentinel. Great work!

    Posted by Doug Chaney | July 21, 2011, 9:25 am
  4. Wow! It looks like the Lodi Police Department is on the job…good going!!

    Posted by Anonymous | July 19, 2011, 9:25 pm
  5. As long as criminals are willing to steal, our property and lives are at risk. Thank you … Lodi PD

    Posted by Grateful citizen | July 19, 2011, 8:07 pm

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