LUSD Closes Tracks to Public

Tokay Track ClosureTwo weeks ago I began walking the track at Tokay High with a friend.  At 63 years old I’ve spent way too much time behind a desk and in dire need of a “tone” up.  We were joined by several joggers in their 40’s and athletic young people walking the bleachers.

However, earlier this week the gate was locked and all other access denied.  I called the Superintendent’s office on Thursday and was told that the track was, indeed, closed to the public and that all such tracks in the District would soon be unavailable to the public after school hours and during the summer.

WHAT!  …  I mean “what?”.   Yes, according to the Superintendent’s office, Art Hand has decreed that all high school tracks be closed.  The reason? … too much damage to the field and track.

For additional information, I was directed to the Plant Supervisor, Mr. Tony Munoz at 331-7892 …  but no one seems to answer that number.  Are there any other chubby seniors out there that would like to see the tracks remain open?  Who’s damaging the track?  What can be done to protect the public property from the few and keep it open to the many?

by (irked) Senior Citizen

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3 thoughts on “LUSD Closes Tracks to Public

  1. What? Too much damage to the field and track? You’ve got to be kidding me! This is ridiculous. The school tracks, playgrounds and fields should remain open for the community. These closures are not conducive to a family friendly, and healthy, community. These facilities are used for healthy activities. Lodi is becoming less and less of a family friendly community with this type of decision being made to push out the good people of Lodi. We need to fight this decision Lodians! It’s just not right!

    Posted by K Lee | July 6, 2011, 9:44 pm
  2. Darrell, your comment is spot on! With the free spending council and management and the same agenda at LUSD district office, They should be able to cancel those fancy dinner awards parties at the fancy motel/spa here and use the city owned facilities at Hutchins Street Square, easily enough savings to provide insurance to allow use of the track by taxpayers when school is out on break. There are many other perks that can be done away with if only an outside independent auditor would perform a real audit on the books of both the city of Lodi and LUSD. Or, at least offer taxpayers an opt out form to release liability. Our groups use these same generic opt out forms for our cleanups, etc., that require us to have each participant to read and sign before they are allowed to participate in any event that takes us to private or public property to complete our missions.

    LFD recently had a financial consultant put on a presentation at the shirtsleeve city council meeting to show there was an additional $3.2 million or so to be gained by the city of Lodi using legal tactics and the three gentleman who dominate the council with their always same way 3 majority votes didn’t take to even pursuing these avenues of extra revenues for the city coffers, IMO, yet they still spend freely and cry broke on every issue that doesn’t seemingly benefit their own wallets. This forum needs to address the deficiencies of this present city council and self serving management team. Open the tracks and hire some maintenance workers for upkeep like you do Lodi Lake, the Wine and Visitors Center at Wine & Roses, and many Westside parks. You complain we need jobs here in Lodi don”t you? It’s time the city hires employees to maintain the parks and infrastructure. Doesn’t the city of Lodi own the property the schools are located on or are they owned by LUSD, Inc,LLP, seemingly?

    Posted by Doug Chaaney | July 6, 2011, 10:46 am
  3. I think this is a good start, however the school district needs to close the track to the students as well. No more free lunch at Lodi facilities.. Since students use it a majority of time, and the students pay no tax, maybe a new system should be developed to pay for it… Maybe we convert the track into a “Turn Pike” for runners. Have a toll both were fees can be paid by those who use it. Each student might pay $3.00 upon entry… track team members pay $5.00 per member as they cause more wear and tear on the track. Adults who work and pay tax already, pay $1.00 per entry. If you are overweight and suffer from Obesity,, that is a disease so you get in free.

    Posted by darrellbaumbach | June 10, 2011, 4:24 pm

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